• “Premier boutique law firm since 1949”

  • “Premier boutique law firm since 1949”

  • “Premier boutique law firm since 1949”

about us

Att. Gherghina Oana Ruxandra

The Firm – Between tradition and innovation

Founded in 1949, we've served our elite clientele for over 50 years. We have 2 offices located in the heart of downtown Bucharest and we've built a strong relationship with our community and the clients we serve.

We are dedicated to traditional style services, especially tailored to our exclusive clientele needs, the kind of services that is increasingly rare in today's “semi-industrial law practice”. Our clients are carefully selected and benefit of a wide range of exclusive professional services offered directly by our Partners.

Although founded as an independent law office in 1949 by the grand-grandfather of our Managing Partner Mrs. Gherghina Oana Rucsandra, our traditional four generations legal practice had expanded to a wider range of activities, but maintaining the exclusive way of offering services directly from Partner to Client.

As a focussed and dynamic young team, we recognise the value of working “smarter” and are able to save costs for our clients without affecting our exquisite standards of service. We provide integrated services such as litigation, tax advisory, financial restructuring and insolvency, arbitration, dispute adjudication, contract negotiations, intellectual property, public procurement and PPP.

We pride ourselves on obtaining outstanding results for our exclusive clientele, especially in the field of construction law FIDIC contracts, commercial litigation and PPP.



1. Legal Consultancy


Drafting, reviewing, negotiation and representation in full range of commercial agreements, public-private partnerships and joint-ventures.


Divorce and child support, property division, mediation, domestic violence, court representation in a full range of civil disputes .


Incorporation and liquidations of companies, NGOs, modification of bylaws, shareholder agreements, full range of procedures in front of national authorities.


Patents, trade-marks and, representation in front of the Competition Council.


Our lawyers were involved in drafting, negotiating and representing a few of the Romanian market leaders in construction area. We are recognised as specialists in FIDIC contracts and successfully represented our clients in DAB and arbitration related to major investment projects in Romania.

Labor & Employment

Fully integrated legal services in connection with terms of employment, pay structure and compensation, penalties, dismissal and termination of employment, collective agreements and unions.

Mergers & Acquisi